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The Philadelphia Society for Art, Literature & Music is established on the principle that there is a universal light of truth that celebrates the sacred beauty of life as it is lived in every culture around the world.

PSALM directly fosters the work of artists and other 501(c)(3) organizations whose creativity uniquely reflects that light of truth, and awakens us through direct experience to that which unites humanity and celebrates the beauty of our shared life beyond cultural, economic, racial, or religious boundaries.

PSALM is a secular, regionally based resource with a global mission. It is organized as a 501(c)(3) charitable, non-profit corporation operating an open-membership society, which includes but is not limited to, the activities of education, promotion, presentation, sponsorship, performance and preservation of fine and performing arts of diverse cultures which give clear voice to the inherent beauty of life and reveal the common light of truth shared by all humanity. PSALM is focused on utilizing the doorway of art to enliven the heart. The ultimate purpose is to wake people up to becoming fully human by addressing the needs of other lives, and through that service realizing that life is profoundly interconnected and precious. We know that once that realization occurs people are changed and work to make a difference for the good. We have seen that without that awakening, human intelligence is a dangerous gift. The scope of exempt activities embrace musical performance, theater, dance, spoken word, publishing, photography, painting, sculpture, film making, sound recording, multimedia pieces, workshops, residencies, master classes, non-credit courses and other means of artistic expression that fulfill our educational and societal imperatives.


Governing Board :
• James J. Reilly, PT- Chairman and CEO (CEO - VirtuaLux Inc./LuxMusica Records)
• Alina Ting Hu, Vice President of Project Development
• Lynn Y. Lin, Vice President of Finance

• Qing Dong, Director of Public Relations

Advisory Board:
• Jonathan G. Granoff, esq. - Advisory Board Chairman (Attorney, Advocate for world peace and nuclear non-proliferation)
• Michael J. Green (Author, Artist and Illustrator, Visionary)
• Dr. Kabir Helminski (Author, Educator, Film Maker)
• Coleman Barks (Author, Professor Emeritus)
• James George (Author, President of NOWIS, Co-founder of the Threshold Foundation, Teacher in the Fourth Way, Former Ambassador, High Commissioner, and UN Representative)
• Craig Johnson (Principal, Talisman Interactive)
• Dr. Ravi Ravindra (Professor Emeritus, Author, Physicist and Philosopher)
• Guler Koknar (Director, the Turkish Cultural Foundation)
• Jane Green (Irvin Green Family Foundation, Author)
• Emanuel Levin (Attorney, Businessman)
• Ahmed Tijani Ben Omar (Interfaith Educator)

• Emily J. Carr - Charitable Giving Advisor (New York Life)

• Glenn C. Romano, esq. - Attorney
• Orlow and McAndrew, P.C. - Accountants


PSALM: n. [LL. psalmus] 1) A sacred song. 2) A song of praise. 3) From the Book of Psalms of the Old Testament, attributed to King David, the prophet and saint who restored the Ark of the Covenant, and established poetry, music and song as a prominent part of worship in the temple. He gathered the warring tribes of his vast kingdom together, and reigned over them in peace for 33 years.


Art is the lifeblood of civl society. As an expression of the human soul, art is the vital tip of a living vine that arches unerringly towards the light of human possibility.

Recognizing the transformative power of art, PSALM has created the PSALM Salon, a laboratory where engaged audiences can interact with creative artists in live performance, and enjoy the beauty of creative expression found in artistic traditions from around the world.

Visit the PSALM Salon website at www.psalmsalon.com
for performance information and tickets

The PSALM Salon has been called the best listening space in Philadelphia. It features established and emerging artists of exceptional talent in a comfortable residential space with a professionally appointed mini-theater. Seating is limited to about 60 guests. It is the perfect venue to experience musical, spoken word, small scale dance and theatrical performance, and is much loved by artists and audiences alike for its warm ambience and pristine acoustics. Light refreshements are provided at no charge, and guests are welcome to BYO. Admission is at the door, with advance tickets available online. Regular announcements are sent to those who subscribe to the email list at the bottom of the page.

Directions from City Line Avenue:

Going West (12 traffic lights from the Route 76 exit): Follow City Line Ave. (Rt 1 South) past the foot bridge at St. Joseph's University and make the next left, which is Cardinal Avenue. Go one block and turn right onto Overbrook Avenue. The house is toward the end of the block on the right. The G bus stops at the corner.

Going East (toward the Schuylkill River): Follow City Line Ave. (Rt 1 North) past the Executive House Apartments  to the red "St. Joseph's University" sign on your right. This is 59th St. Turn right, go one block, and turn left onto Overbrook Avenue. The house is 4th on the left. The R5 Overbrook train station is about four blocks from the house.

Map to PSALM

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Piano composition, "First Love" © 2004 and courtesy of Bob Gold Music

5841 Overbrook Avenue Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19131 USA (215) 477-7578

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